Cader Idris was developed and built by David Wilcox and Roberta Andrew


The layout is based in South Staffordshire


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Cader_Exhibit B

The total exhibition area required for Cader Idris is 3.0m x 1.6m with the long side accessible to the public.


(See white tape marking above).


The layout requires two operators and one 13A power socket located within 25m of the layout.


With thanks to David Goldsmith and Angela Baker for photographs and graphic material.


Thanks also to Steve and Julien of the West Midlands 009 Society for support and encouragement.




009 Society

Although readers may recognise places and names, the Grogennen Railway is entirely mythical and was based on an imaginery concept of what might have been possible. No link between real persons or places and those on the model is intended and any such link is entirely cooincidental.

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